Something For Everyone: Antique and Vintage Selections for Every Decor


10422285_425051460979828_215748865590967664_nLinda’s Cottage. Antiques & Collectibles relocated to 1465 Leestown Road in Lexington, KY on November 1, 2016. Whether you regularly shop Linda’s Cottage or have just become acquainted you are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your positive comments on the appearance and display of items throughout the mall. When I hear good things about Linda’s Cottage then I know we all must be doing something right.


Winter Mix With Cabin Fever


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Snow, snow, mounds of snow! We all are developing “cabin fever.” A vast portion of the U.S. is amassed in snow; walking in snow up to the knees or on ice that is six inches or more thick. Why walk in snow up to the knees? Is the inches and inches of snow banked from driving winds or mounded from the snow plows pushing it into huge mountainous dirty looking hills? Alas! Where are the trees that are usually densely growing on mountains? Well, I don’t have the answer pertaining to the trees. Do you? It would be interesting to see greenery growing from the snow mountains that are only dirty mounds of snow. Along with this much snow we are corralled by “cabin fever.” How does cabin fever effect you? Then of course, when the snow begins melting from traffic heating the mixture, causing the melt-down and followed by freezing temps into two digit negative degrees; hence, a whole new condition develops. I watched a news clip about a cow who walked out onto what appeared as a frozen pond. Yes, lol. Funny how a cow walking onto a pond can be so amusing. And, much of the pond was frozen but the cow  took one step too many. The ice crumbled and the cow went ice swimming. The cow treaded water for a long length of time while waiting for rescue to arrive after someone called them. The cow was rescued but met its misfortune although the vets tried to save it. Not funny! Weather conditions have persisted since Sunday night. Whereas it’s now Friday night and more snow and sleeting rain is expected; “cabin fever” has set in. I think about being in southern states for the warmth and sunshine. Even though their temps have dropped to cold in many of them, it’s still a relief from “cabin fever” to think about getting away from the mounds of snow. I bought a gallon of paint to paint an accent wall. Energy Burst???!!! Just one way I deal with “cabin fever.” Wow! I went out for a while to find paint…relief from “cabin fever.” Some curl up with a book, others crochet or knit. I begin decorating. I invite you to share how you deal with “cabin fever.” Snow, snow and more snow. Additionally, I-c-e. And, much of the U.S. is swathed in snow.

Something For Everyone is Adventuresome


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Exploring vintage and antique malls and shops is adventuresome and satisfying. A pleasing shopping experience consists of memoirs of family times together triggered by stumbling upon a memorable china pattern, beautiful and colorful glass items…maybe something you recall sitting on a table or mantle in Grandma’s home. Then, when that special item catches your eye and grabs you…have you ever tried to walk away from something that literally beckons to you and find that you cannot. I did once and down the road a little way I turned around to go back for it. It now sits in my home so I can enjoy it forever.

Loving It!


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I find much satisfaction in antiquing and vintage collecting. The adventure of finding that unique item…just happening upon it is satisfying and searching every nook and cranny usually reaps pleasing results. The surprise of coming upon the piece you need to add onto or to complete a collection you’ve begun…exhilarating!

In fact, I found so much satisfaction in antiquing and vintage collecting that I opened my business, Linda’s Cottage Antiques & Collectibles in 2013. I’ve grown a lot in the past year and I’m finding it more satisfying than ever.

You find some of the same items in different regions/areas of the United States, but for the most part the items are different in each region.

Halloween Spirit


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Four days from now is Halloween. Have you experienced any eerie occurrences in your world? I would like to hear about your experience(s).

In the “world of antiques” you sometimes hear uncanny stories or frightening happenings since antiques involve searching in out-of-way areas that represent a past with a story. You however don’t have to be interested or involved in antiques or historical memorabilia to hear such stories.

I once was told a story about a couple who stayed in a gothic style bed and breakfast over several days and nights while on an antique hunt. The bed and breakfast inhabited large Victorian furnishings, décor, and they were fed from Victorian period china and crystal. The last evening they were in the bed and breakfast, and after in a deep sleep, one of them was awakened by the foot of the bed moving. A while later this happened again except with stronger movement which awakened his wife. They lay lifeless, so frightened they didn’t want to move. A long lull occurred between the second movement and the third movement, but then the foot of the bed actually raised off the floor. The couple decided to end their antique hunt early and once dawn broke. They found the courage to pack their belongings including the antiques and vintage findings their journey produced, and left. They didn’t ever figure out how the foot of the bed was moving but knew a spirit was in the room with them. Maybe the spirit was tied to one of their treasures found in that area?